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How does the TDCJ death process work?Upon death of an offender, a TDCJ representative will contact Carnes Funeral Home for transportation and initiation of the death care process. Carnes Funeral Home is obligated by contract to handle certain areas of the death care process. TDCJ will also attempt to contact the family (using the information on file as provided by the offender). The family will be given the option to have an autopsy performed at no charge to the family (provided an order to perform an autopsy has not been issued by a state official).

Carnes Funeral Home (or one of its contractors) will make the removal from the place of death and transport the deceased to:

* Carnes Funeral Home or a contracted facility - If the family declines the optional autopsy.

* TDCJ autopsy facility - If the family agrees to an autopsy. (Facility depends on location of death).

Prior to contacting any other funeral home, the family needs to contact Carnes Funeral Home immediately to begin the arrangement process and paperwork.

All families (and funeral homes) need to fill out the death certificate information form and submit the form to Carnes Funeral Home. TDCJ will be given the death certificate information provided by the family or funeral home. Together with Carnes Funeral Home, TDCJ will file death certificates on all offenders. TDCJ decides what information is listed on the death certificate, not Carnes Funeral Home.

Whether your family claims their loved one or allows TDCJ to provide final disposition, Carnes Funeral Home vows to provide high quality services with the utmost dignity and respect.

*Process and instructions if your family chooses to claim your loved one.

Each family has the option to claim their loved one. By claiming the deceased, the family assumes all financial responsibility for disposition of their loved one (including transportation).

Carnes Funeral Home is able to provide services at a lower rate than other funeral homes because many of the charges are covered by TDCJ in our contract. Using a funeral home other than Carnes Funeral Home will many times cost your family additional charges with duplication of services. Carnes Funeral Home is family owned. It is our mission to provide the highest quality funeral and cremation services at the most reasonable rate. Call Carnes Funeral Home to speak with a funeral director to inquire about our private services, and our "TDCJ Reduced Rates".

*Process and instructions if TDCJ will be handling the final disposition.

If your family decides to leave your loved one (or the deceased) to state care services, there is no charge to your family. Burials are scheduled on Thursday mornings at Capt. Joe Byrd Cemetery in Huntsville, TX. A Carnes Funeral Home employee will inform you of the scheduled date and time of your loved one's service (You will also be able to locate this information under the service/burial information tab). Families are scheduled for an approximately 30 minute viewing located at Grace Baptist Church in Huntsville. A minister will be available on site to accompany in prayer if the family chooses.

After the viewing, families will be taken in procession from the church to the Captain Joe Byrd cemetery for a graveside service. A chaplain will be provided, but the family also has the option to provide their own clergy.

*Process and instructions if TDCJ will be handling the final disposition, but your family chooses to have private services as well.

Call Carnes Funeral Home to speak with a funeral director.